Monday, April 28, 2008

It's New Car From Produa...Nautica 4WD

Produa akan mengeluarkan produk terbarunya ":Nautica 4wd:". Produk terbaru dari Malaysia dengan kerjasama padu Daihatsu ini menampilkan reka bentuk persis model2 sebelumnya. The new Perodua Nautica 4WD will be a CBU import from Japan with Perodua badging and styling, though since the car will be a low volume unit there should not be any major changes with the design other than a minor grille change, as it would not be cost effective to do any major restyling with so little units expected to be sold. Bookings are open from May 10th 2008 onwards. Also released are some official minor specs on the car - a 1.5 liter DVVT engine (likely the 3SZ-VE in the Avanza and Rush) and a 4WD drivetrain, unlike the Toyota Rush’s 2WD drivetrain. It comes in automatic transmission only and has two colour variant - Medallion Grey or Majestic Black. Produk ini kemungkinan menurut jangkaa akan dipasarkan pada awal bulan MEI..Harga belum lagi diketahui...Adakah menjadi idaman anda?

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Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Pjoyz xXx said...

Bosan gile kete nih. ko tgk model yang dia ciplak tuh. memang tiru sebijik weh.